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Time is of the essence. This is your chance to change the future of your child’s education. You could spend days looking across the internet at conflicting information and trying to draft your own letter. We’ve done the hard work for you.


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Our template letter is a low cost way to start your child’s school admission appeal. The appeal letter or form needs to be submitted as soon as possible before the deadline.

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We include free guidance on to how to fill in our template letter to start the appeals process and examples of reasons you may like to include. The template is easy to amend and the guide is simple to follow.

Department for Education Appeal Facts UK (2016-17)

Appeals Heard by Panel
Appeals Decided in Parents Favour

Who should buy the template letter?

Our template letter is for Normal Round admissions at Secondary Schools. This means it’s only for decisions which were announced on the national offer day in March, rather than moving withing a school year.

If your child is at a Grammar School, whilst our template letter isn’t specifically designed for them, it still provides a useful resource from which you can build your appeal.

What if you need to fill in a form rather than a letter?

Some local authorities have a form you need to fill in to start the appeals’ process; others will require you to post a letter. However you need to respond, our appeal letter template will help you structure and formulate the basis of your appeal. The details of how to appeal will be explained in the refusal letter or the email you have received.

Please remember that you should submit your appeal before the deadline. Further information and supporting evidence can be submitted later e.g. letters from medical professionals or examples of work.

Why shouldn’t I use a ‘free’ template I have found online?

You could, but how in depth is it? Is it out of date? Does it give you detailed guidance on what to consider and examples of some of the main reasons you may like to include? Does it talk about what evidence you may like to provide? Is the guidance and letter over 6 pages in length, or is it simply a one page outline?

This is about an investment in your child’s education.

Save £100s With a DIY Template

Buy: Template Admission Appeal Letter

This package is for Secondary School Appeals at Comprehensive – Non Selective Schools in England.

  • Template school admission appeal letter
  • Free guidance on how to amend the template, including examples of reasons you could include in your appeal
  • The above is packaged in a 6 page downloadable document

*Please note this is template letter and does not substitute taking professional advice about your circumstances should you require it. As a template letter, we cannot held be responsible for whether your appeal is successful or not.

Price: £99.99

Download your template and free guide now.


The Appeals Process

How should I appeal?

You should appeal in writing stating your reason/s. Most schools use a standard form and they can sometimes appear complex. Please remember that you can also appeal for more than one school. Use our template letters for assistance.

When is the deadline?

Your decision letter or email should make it clear on how to appeal. If it doesn’t, then you will need to check the school’s website or contact the local authority to find out what you need to do.

The deadline should also be on the school or local authority (council) website and must be at least 20 school days after the decision letter. Weekends and School holidays don’t count towards this deadline. Therefore if it is shorter, you should challenge the deadline.

Submit your appeal letter

Use one of our template letters to submit your appeal. Some local authorities will ask you to fill in a form to start the appeals process, however others ask you to send a letter. Our admissions appeal template letter will help you put together the basis of your appeal no matter how you need to respond.

Please remember that you should submit your appeal before the deadline. Further information and supporting evidence can be submitted later e.g. letters from medical professionals or examples of work.

What happens after I have submitted my appeal?

Once you have sent in the letter or form you will be given a date for your appeal panel hearing. You should be notified of this date at least 10 days in advance.

What to do in the meantime?

  1. Accept the place you have been offered. If your appeal is unsuccessful your child might be left without any school. You can always reject the place later on if you get another place you prefer.
  2. Ask to visit the school you been offered and visit during a school day. Create a list of concerns and question to discuss with a member of staff. This will help you get the full picture in case your child ends up at the school.
  3. Stay calm and positive.

What happens before the appeal hearing?

You should find out when you hearing is at 10 days before the date. This notification will detail you right to call any witnesses to the hearing and will provide a deadline to submit any further information or evidence you would like the panel to take into consideration.

The local authority of the school itself will also submit documents explaining their case for refusing your child’s place.

What happens at the appeal panel hearing?

At the appeal panel hearing there will be between 3 and 5 members of public. They will assess your case and will know why your initial application was declined. They will then check the admission arrangement complied with the school admissions code. You will then be asked to explain why you are appealing against the schools admission decision.

At the hearing you will need to explain the reasons why you believe the school is the best one for you child and any circumstances that will add support to your application.

What happens after the appeal panel hearing?

After the appeal, the panel will make a decision of whose case is the strongest. You will be told the result by post within seven days. Once a decision has been given it will be legally binding.

If you are successful, then your child will be admitted into the school. However even if your appeal is unsuccessful, you can still add your child to the waiting list for that school.

What are the chances of winning my appeal?

If in fact the admission arrangements weren’t properly followed, or they were not legal according to the – School Admissions Code, or the decision is ‘unreasonable,’ then your son or daughter could be given a place by the appeal panel.

The stats though depend on the type of appeal e.g. primary, secondary, ‘in year’ or infant class size appeal. It also depends on how you put across your arguments and the strength of them.

You can see the Department for Education Appeal Facts for 2015-16 on this page and our homepage.

Obviously you have to make an appeal to be in with a chance of winning. For only £99.99 you can download your template letter to start your appeal today.

Can I appeal myself or do I need legal advice?

You can send off your appeal letter yourself, but obviously it is up to you whether your need to seek independent legal advice. If you feel you can put forward clear arguments in writing and in front of the appeal panel and to challenge any facts told to you on the day, then you don’t need professional assistance. However, a good legal representative will already have the experience and your arguments might be more persuasive. The hearing is in no way meant to be confrontational.