Top Tips to Start Your School Admission Appeal

We’ve put together some handy tips to help you with the school admission process:

  • Accept the place you are offered!

Even if you are appealing a decision, you should accept the place you have been offered because if you don’t win your appeal, your child could potentially be without a school place!

  • Read, Read and Read Again. . .

You will probably receive your decision by letter or email. Make sure you read the contents carefully because it will contain very important information such as:

  1. The school your child has offered a place at;
  2. How waiting lists will be administered;
  3. When and how to appeal
  • You can do more than one appeal. If, for example, you put 5 schools on your preference form and your child did not get a place at any of the schools, you could put in 5 appeals if you wanted to! 

Start your appeal and remember to get on the waiting list for your preferred schools.

To get started and to find out more, download our template appeal letter to save you time and effort.